Monday, February 20, 2012


Itamar Gem of the Hills

Itamar Is the Largest  Jewish community in the The Shomron Region, also known West Bank.
It is high atop the hills of the back bone of Israel. Itamar was established in 1984 and is
quickly growing  and is becoming  an important source of organic food for Israel. Itamar's organic chicken farm supplies 80% of the organic eggs  to Israel. Organic farms abound and many residents also raise sheep and goats. 
Despite the horrors of the conflict in the region that have been meted out on Itamar, the people of Itamar are wonderful. A little google/youtube searching can bring you a taste of region.

We had the opportunity to go to Itamar  just before T'Bishvat which is " the new year for the trees".
We met Moshe and Leah Goldsmith on one of their trips to the United States, Moshe has been the Mayor of Itamar  for a number of years now and comes here on speaking tours to let this country know of its existence, its beauty and its Biblical significance.  A new playground had been built for the children in a newly constructed area of Itamar. Since there was no shade from the sun we aided in planting an avenue of trees into and around the playground. In Just a few years there should be plenty of shade and even more beauty added to the area.

         We helped plant these trees around the playground (not the big ones in the distance)


                                       High on the Hills of Itamar with Moshe and Leah

Itamar has a facebook  page which will keep you updated with the news and Moshe who is always on the go has weekly Torah portions on you Tube. Become a Facebook Friend of Itamar or visit their  Newly released website

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